Cosmetic Surgery and Scars - What’s the tradeoff and is it worth it?

Cosmetic Surgery and Scars – What’s the tradeoff and is it worth it?

Everyone knows that surgery leaves scars, even plastic surgery performed by the best plastic surgeons leaves scars. Scar tissue can be looked upon as mother nature’s  “glue” and is a necessary part of healing. There is the scar you see at the skin surface, but there is also scar underneath the skin that can also […]

DC Breast Augmentation

Correcting Breast Asymmetry

Almost all breasts are a little asymmetrical. One breast is often larger than the other, or sags more, or a nipple is higher on one side, or even the ribs are a little different and can cause an asymmetry of the breasts. Look on our web site at the before-and-after breast photos and you will […]

DC liposuction

Simulate a healthy lifestyle

Liposuction actually works as advertised. It is not for weight loss. It is for eliminating those bulges in areas that are “diet resistant”. It is more of a “contouring” procedure – we do not try to measure the results in inches with a tape measure, nor in pounds with a scale. We “measure” the result […]

Cool Sculpting vs. Liposuction

Cool Sculpting vs. Liposuction – Let’s compare

Non-invasive fat reduction is all the rage. Cool Sculpting is currently the most popular and has been around 6-7 years. The newest device on the market is SculpSure and works differently but is another way of melting fat without surgery. Coolsculpt takes about an hour and treats spots, not large areas at one time – […]

Breast Augmentation Size

Determining the Best Breast Augmentation Size

Choosing the best breast implant size is the most difficult decision that our patients face when having breast augmentation surgery. At Austin-Weston, the plastic surgeons do not choose the breast implant for you. What we do is listen to you, educate you on the pros and cons of the choices of the different breast implants, […]

Tummy Tuck Testimonial

Tummy Tuck Testimonial

I’ve sat down and tried multiple times to write about my experience.  Not only about Dr. Weston and his staff but about the entire process so that someone could read it and find it helpful in their decision making process.  How can you express in words your complete gratitude? Let me start by saying that […]

Austin-Weston Surgery After Massive Weight Loss

Surgery After Massive Weight Loss

We now see quite a few patients who have lost over 100 pounds following gastric bypass, or gastric sleeve surgery. On occasion we even see patients who have lost over 200 pounds! This is a great accomplishment, and something to be very proud of, but as a consequence they require multiple plastic surgery procedures to […]

Austin-Weston Abdominal Lipsuction

What is the difference between abdominal liposuction and a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty )?

What is the difference between abdominal liposuction and a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty )?  And which one is better? All cosmetic surgery procedures are custom designed and based on your anatomy, what result you want to accomplish, and what you are willing to have as trade-offs-such as scars and recovery period. This is all decided in […]

Austin-Weston BBL

Dr. Weston after finishing up a BroadBandLight treatment

Dr. Weston makes everyone beautiful…it’s great when we can return the favor! Here he is after finishing up a BBL (BroadBandLight, also known as IPL, or Intense Pulsed Light) treatment with our certified plastic surgery nurse Debbie Marinucci, R.N.! And even though it’s after 5pm, Debbie’s applied SkinCeuticals Physical Defense sunscreen, because it’s still sunny and […]

AUSTIN-WESTON: How To Make Certain You Get a Great Facelift

When it’s time to have a facelift, how do you make certain you get a good one? Why do so many Hollywood stars look operated – and weird? How can you avoid it? It’s no wonder that cosmetic surgery can get a bad rap when so many celebrities act as unofficial ambassadors for bad surgery. […]